About us

Shenzhen Makerfire Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in 2013, is specialized in open source hardware, intelligent hardware, FPV RC drone and its accessories research and development, custom production and overseas sales business. And provide Drone products and the application solutions for global STEAM Education、 FPV Drone industry applications domain. Our customers are all over the world.

All along, upholding the attitude of innovation, expertise and open, Makerfire is committed to promoting the innovation and services of open source hardware development, to promoting the development of STEAM Education, provide the best products and technologies service for Agents and consumers.

"More innovative, more interesting, more imaginative for open source hardware, intelligent hardware, Innovative UAV."


First Built

Maker Education rise, "hardcore" founder Yan Guotao created Shenzhen Makerfire Technology Co.,Ltd., Makerfire brand building began, Makerfire initial team established, the first generation of Crazepony MINI open source four-axis aircraft successfully developed.


The first Makerfire consumer integrated racing UAV Falcon 300 was born, and in the 17th High-Tech Fair, attracted the attention of many enthusiasts, and won the Innovation Award in "Maker Night" roadshow activities .

  • Makerfire's strong sponsorship of the China D1 team participate in the World Drone Prix, world UAV racing competition that held in Dubai, and advance to the Top 32 with second place.
  • Makerfire first DIY racing professional UAV BIBI BIRD 210 came out.
  • Makerfire and Sky Arena jointly organized racing UAV knowledge popularization public welfare speech activities
  • In the 12th International Cultural Industries Fair, Makerfire was the the unique approved shenzhen UAV company to attend the fair, and get interview and report by the shenzhen public channel.
  • China's first based on graphical software programming UAV Maker Education products LiteBee develop successfully, and get a huge response from the Maker's Education community through online conference, and reach cooperation with the Chinese robot education alliance.
  • Makerfire reach a strategic partnership with domestic well-known training institutions Ke Rui Robot.
To be continued
  • Makerfire launches first building block UAV Litebee Brix, Compatible with Lego Blocks, and the Maker Education UAV Litebee product series has been improved and promoted.
  • The second generation of open source four-axis Crazepony successfully research and develop, carry with FPV camera, experience the first person perspective flight, and it popular with many college students.
  • Makerfire Armor 90 indoor brushless racing drone came out, and become the Shenzhen primary and secondary UAV game designated models, simple and safe operation, breaking the barriers of the situation that primary and secondary students can not control the professional racing UAV.


Maker Education Solutions

  • Drone Innovation Laboratory Construction Scheme
  • Drone Maker Education Course Scheme

Maker Education Solutions

  • Scratch X Graphical Programming Drone
  • C ++ Open Source Quadcopter
  • Indoor / Outdoor Racing Drone

Honors and certificates