About us


Shenzhen Makerfire Technology Co.Ltd. is specializing in open source hardware and UAV development and manufactory. Racing quadcopter, mini quadcopter and some open source hardware are main products at present. For our products, we can provide entire and detailed development documents, which is for DIY makers or unmanned aircrafts enthusiasts or some learners to study and do further development. Our products are good quality and easy to assemble.

  Founded in October 2013, Makerfire’s headquarters are located in Shenzhen, and has over 100 employees. Makerfire is a team of innovation and passion, aspiring to the excellence. We are fascinated with original ideas and stick to what we firmly believe. In the past three years, we kept moving on as a “Maker”and kept making our products more valuable. Innovation, professionalism, open-mind and aspiration to the perfection, with these conception we are devoted to offer to our clients the superior products and technological service.

More innovative, more interesting, more imaginative, that’s the drone we are working on!