Makerfire Falcon FPV300

  • 300-sized Mini-Quad
  • Carbon Fiber and custom injected plastic design
  • Integrated Flight Controller, pre-loaded with Cleanflight
  • Integrated full-graphic OSD, with on-screen control of.. everything
  • Tiltable, Vibration-free Camera mount
  • GoPro(3/4) and Mobiusmounting options

Makerfire FPV300 advanced drone is a fantastic racing drone, popular size of 300mm diagonal length of drone body, mainly used in racing or flight games. It is a RTF(ready-to-fly) drone, easy-to-assemble, easy-to-configure and easy-to-fly. All parts are modular design and DIY parts are kept for further development and exploring more fun. What we provided is an assembled craft, instead of bothering you in installment.


All innovative changes that we have made are supposed to make it easier for the beginners to tame the Falcon, in other words, to popularize the racing drone.

Don’t bother to assemble, more stable, easier to control, easier to calibrate, easier to install the battery, easier to be informe d of the power, you name it.

Want to see how others fly with Falcon FPV300?     Watch the video!